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#6761 - 14/01/12 14:07 My PC is dying
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Ugh... here's what's happening:
1. Windows tray network icon is a red cross (X), and when hovered it says "Connection status: unknown - Class not registered".
2. No sound at all. Tried uninstalling, updating, changing, and checking the drivers, nothing works. And yes, I did checked that the speakers are on, unmuted, etc.
3. Windows Defender shows "Class not registered" error when I want to stop the automatic scans.
4. The SD and MS Pro built in ports do not work and are shown as USB devices.
5. Microsoft Fix It solutions don't work, the application closes with a "could not install required files" error.
6. Since it is a VAIO laptop, it has a "VAIO Recovery Center". It isn't working either, closing with "Error: 300" message.
7. Windows Update is really messed up. It says I have never checked for updates, and has a weird message: "Get more information about free software from (null)". It can't look for updates either, saying that the service hasn't been started.
The update history is a blank page.
8. I can't uninstall anything. It says that it may have been already removed but I'm using it on that very moment!

I ran every possible solution, no go... right now the only things I can do are browsing the web, printing (limited, Microsoft Office also stopped working), viewing images, copying files to USB drives (thank goodness!) and of course, look at the time on the taskbar.
I am looking right now on the possibility of getting a external hard disk for backing up everything, and perhaps in 2014 a new PC (this time, a proper desktop one).

#6762 - 14/01/12 14:12 Re: My PC is dying
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Reinstall windows

#6763 - 14/01/12 16:56 Re: My PC is dying
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run combo fix
(cant give you a like coz i am on psp)
then use ccleaner to fix the regkeys

it will be a trogan there is a strane going around at the that download themselfs from pishing sites then damage the regkeys removing secity program cores so that they cant be deteced unless you use combo fix that will run at boot and remove the rootkits

it edits all the regkeys and dissables most windows fetures and hides its self in over code in win32 and will replace its self when deleted and can download over trojans

the trojans are by pc makers to get you to buy a new pc

#6764 - 15/01/12 10:44 Re: My PC is ALIVE!
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Thanks everyone for their suggestions, but I have traced back the problem to one program: Revo Uninstaller Pro.
I had used it before to uninstall Photoshop CS5, after that the program peforms a system wide scan to find "leftovers" of the program.
Well, you can select what items you want to delete and what to keep, it also does the same for the registery, so I selected everything (as "usual"), deleted it, and turned off my PC.
Afterwards the next morning I found all the above mentioned problems.
I have been researching, many people have this same problem after using Revo.
There wasn't too much left to do, so I thought "this may be a long shot, but lets try using Revo's recovery option".
It recovered around 7000 reg keys, and I rebooted.
Everything is back to normal (only that Photoshop Elements 6 isn't working, I'll sort it out).

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