Updates and Fixes for iRadio v3.1b+:

Here is an update that adds a link to RKDM's EXCELLENT site called KDM for PSP
You can apply this update from your PSP.
Download the file and save to your PSP/COMMON/SYS folder.

Older Updates and Fixes for iRadio v3.0+:

*******Fix 3/23/10********

Here is a fix for the ICEcast search function.

This fix can be done right from the PSP ;\)
Highlight the icecast.html file on Sendspace then press the PSP's "triangle" button and select "Save Link Target". Change the "Destination" to
PSP/COMMON/sys and click save then "yes" when asked to overwrite the file.

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Edit Reason: Added update to iRadio v3.1b for RKDM's site 10/31/10